Top short break destinations for valentines.

Short breaks for valentines 2

Top short break destinations for Valentines.

There are unlimited choice of romantic destinations world wide at Compare Travel Market . It will be easy to find out your perfect valentines break with our choice of destinations. Get in the good books of your partner by surprising them on valentines day. Champagne boat ride in Venice , a fantastic spa treatments  or a romantic dinner in one of Paris’ quality restaurants! You will never be to early to arrange your valentines break, last minute booking is not a great way to do so make sure  your perfect valentines break  is booked.

Our recommended destinations for romantic break on Valentines is Paris, Rome, Dublin, Venice, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Prague, Budapest and Istanbul.

City Breaks to Barcelona

Valentines short city break to Barcelona

This vibrant Catalonian City Barcelona, offers a great sense of romance and history, with the spires of Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia inspiring all that see them, this wonderful basilica is still under construction a work that has been in progress since 1882.  With some of the most amazing architecture in Europe, this city offers the best of the old and the new, with modern high rise and sugar candy topped churches with beautiful mosaics, sophisticated, sleek and swish hotels to stylish shopping centres, bustling markets, a harbour, an amazing skyline and just about everything in between. A cultural delight, a Valentines City Break, would have to be repeated and then repeated again, in order to see even a 10th of what this wonderful City has.

With beaches and bars, restaurants and cafes, clubs and of course, golf, funfairs, shopping, football, art, culture, fountains, cobbled streets, parks and a port, the City is an ideal holiday destination for culture vultures, sun lovers and families. You will not be short of alternative to pumper your partner for her Valentine in this lively city.

Short breaks in istanbul

Valentines short city break to Istanbul

Ideal for a City Break in Valentines, you will find you have to come back again as there is so much to see and do. A bustling, vibrant City full of culture, atmosphere and history, staying in a converted palace, an old Ottoman hotel or an ultra modern building, you will need to absorb the smells and tastes of this wonderful City.  Bridging Europe and Asia, a trip across the Bosphorus is a must, as is a visit to the Sultan Ahmet area where some of the most impressive must do’s are sited. Topkapi Palace, once home to Sultans and with a harem, where you can stroll around and view the elaborate jewellery and costumes.  Sultan Ahmet, The Blue Mosque, with it’s six minarets and cascade of domes.  The Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) once the greatest church in Christendom and later a mosque and recently part of the setting for Dan Brown’s Inferno.    The Hippodrome, now a park, is great to sit and rest in before visiting the Basilica Cistern which is sited beneath the northern edge of the park, and you may recognise the columns and waterways from the James Bond Movie From Russia with Love or from the climax of Dan Brown’s Inferno.  The Grand Bazaar, the Egyptian Spice Bazaar are great fun to browse within and you may get some bargains and certainly enjoy banter with the stallholders and shopkeepers. These markets have been around for hundreds of years and the locals are still doing their shopping in them, for everything from spices and herbs, jewellery, antiques and of course the great Turkish Carpet.

Take a break in one of the many restaurants or cafes, eat a fish sandwich by the sea, then back to your Low Cost Holiday Hotel, for a rest before discovering Istanbul by Night. Go to Beyoglu with it’s upmarket shopping, Istiklal Caddesi offers the whirling dervish hall (you will need advance booking to see a performance,) quality restaurants and bars and music clubs.

Also a must is a boat trip to Princes Islands, in the sea of Marmara, where you stop at Buyukada which is a pedestrianised Island with horse drawn carriages to take you around, beautiful houses and a monastery perched up high. On the way to the Island the sight of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, Ayasofya and Topkapi in the distance is a feast for the eyes.

A day would not be enough to see the delights of the Dolmabahce Palace, with a mere 285 rooms, massive formal gardens and a in the region of 500m Bosphorus shore facade. An approximately 4000 kilo bohemian crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling drawing the eyes onwards and upwards to the beautifully painted ceilings and the furniture, artwork and fabrics are a feast for the eyes. A grand staircase, columns, formal gardens with fountains and sculptures nesting amongst the plants.

Istanbul is the place for a Buzzy Holiday, great for Christmas Shopping, or indeed any shopping, with genuine designer brands, copies, amazing jewellery, spices and herbs, dvd’s, leatherwear, hustle, bustle, history, fun and laughter, for a Valentines City Break or Low Cost Holiday, Istanbul is ideal.

You will not be short of alternative to pumper your partner for her Valentine in this lively city Istanbul.

City break to Lisbon

Valentines short city break to Lisbon

Offering plenty in the way of culture, exceptionally good value, a short flight from the UK, close to beach resorts so it is very easy to combine the history and beauty of Lisbon as well as enjoy quality sunshine time.  Lisbon has a host of museums, art galleries, beautiful old buildings and monuments, such as the World Heritage site of Belem Tower, probably the most photographed landmark in the City, the calm monastery of Jeronimo’s built in 1502 and the site of Vasco de Gama’s tomb.  The Gulbenkian Museum houses a host of European, Asian, Greek, Roman, Islamic and Egyptian art, with a good Egyptian mummy mask, a mere 2,700 year old exquisite alabaster bowl, Hellenic coins, Chinese porcelain, Japanese prints and Persian tapestries as well as some rare paintings.  The Worlds most expensive Chapel is here, a Design and Fashion Museum and far too many other sites to mention at this time.  With so much to see, you will need to find a good place to stop and eat, luckily there are many places to sit and eat, everything from a custard tart at  Antiga Confeitaria de Belém, or lunch at one of the turn of the century full of local character café’s or a relaxed dinner at one of the riverside restaurants.

Lisbon is oddly, famous for it’s pavements, and when wandering around this compact city, you need to remember to look down as well as up, many of the pavements are decorated with patterned designs and in the area of the Parque Das Nacoes, especially by the Oceanarium, where the streets are decorated with sea monsters and other maritime patterns.

The Night Life in Lisbon is a great for Valentines City Break , the choice of places to eat and drink are diverse, with local and international cuisine served. After dinner, on to a bar or three, from Jazz bars to traditional bars, or clubby style bars, then on to a night club, for house, electronica and dj’s. Or visit one of the concert venues and see some of the World’s top bands and artists. Want something a tad less active? A night at the opera, a classical concert or an evening at the theatre, or just stroll around the town squares and take in the local atmosphere.

Compare and choose a holiday in incomparable Lisbon. In Portugal, this coastal area is visually stunning, sensorial pleasing and gloriously relaxing. If you want to get away from it for Valentines City Break , this is a great place to get away to.

You will not be short of alternative to pumper your partner for her Valentine in this lively city Lisbon.


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