How to plan the ultimate honeymoon

After months and months of wedding planning, it is finally time to relax and rejuvenate on your honeymoon.

So how can you ensure your romantic getaway is the trip of a lifetime? We asked the experts behind Wedding Club to share their top tips on how to plan the ultimate honeymoon!

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Book early

The earlier you can book your honeymoon the better. Not only will it give you peace of mind while planning the wedding, but you have the best chances of finding an amazing holiday at an incredible price.

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Decide on the type of honeymoon you want

There’s no point in looking at beachy, romantic resorts if they’re not your thing. It’s your honeymoon, so you make the rules!

Are you an adventurous couple? Or is a getaway to a vibrant, big city more your thing? Thinking outside the normal clichés will ensure you and your partner have a honeymoon you will never forget.


Make sure everyone knows you’re honeymooners

This step is so important because your free champagne depends on it! When booking hotel and checking into your flight, make sure to mention you are on your honeymoon. There are no guarantees of course, but you might get a room or flight upgrade!

This also extends to when you’re on your honeymoon; dropping the subtle hint that you are newlyweds can sometimes produce some great (free) results.


Get the little things right

You book your wedding date and venue around the weather so why don’t you book your honeymoon around the weather too? Remember the weather where you get married may not match your honeymoon destination so make sure you’re happy with the weather at both locations.

Creating a bare bones honeymoon packing list will keep you covered for emergencies and help you sail through your honeymoon with ease. Note: Buy 100ml items whenever possible so you don’t have any issues with airport regulations.

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Paperwork is REALLY important

Most of the time a bride probably won’t have time to change her name if the honeymoon is directly after the wedding. But it is important that your current name matches the name on your passport. It is also important for any visas you may have locked in prior to your departure too.

It might also be handy to take your marriage certificate with you as well, especially if you want in on all of those honeymoon offer. Some places will only give you your free honeymoon specials when they see the real thing. So pack it tight.

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