Time Zone
GMT + 2 (+2 from the last Sunday in March to the Saturday before the last Sunday in September.)
Telephone Services
Country Code: 372
Outgoing Code: 810
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Ambulance – 03 (Tallinn – 003), Police – 02 (Tallinn – 002), Fire – 01 (Tallinn – 001)
Tourist Information
Estonian Tourist Board, Mundi 2, EE-0001 Tallinn, Estonia, Tel (2) 411 420 Fax: (2) 411 432.
Passport Information
Valid passport required by all. Requirements may be subject to short term change. Contact embassy before departure.
Visa Information
Required by all except: Nationals of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, USA, Japan. Nationals of Denmark. Nationals of Andorra, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Monaco, New Zealand, Poland, San Marino, Slovak Republic, and Vatican City. For the latest information contact the relevant authorities at least 3 weeks before finalising travel arrangements.
Health Information
Other Health Risks: Rabies.
Food & Drink
Water is considered drinkable, normal precautions should be observed with food.
1 Kroon = 100 sents. (Br)
Exchange: US$ and Deutsche Marks are widely accepted.
Credit cards are accepted on a limited basis. Travellers cheques can be exchanged at most banks. Preferred currency is US dollars.

ATM availability: Over 200 locations.

Cost of Living
No information available at present
Estonian. Some Russian may also be spoken.
There is rainfall throughout the year with the heaviest falling in Aug. Heavy snow falls are likely in the winter months. The climate has large temperature variations. Summer can be quite warm but winter, lasting from Oct – Mar, can be very cold.
220 volts AC, 50 Hz. European 2 pin plugs are used.
Approx. 6 days.
RAIL: The rail system is underdeveloped but the most major cities are connected to the network. SEA/RIVER: Ferries connect the mainland with the main Islands. ROAD: There is a high density of roads although there are few major highways. Careful driving is advised and driving at night is not recommended. It is best to remember that spare parts are not always available. CAR HIRE: Hertz agencies are present in Tallinn. DOCUMENTATION: European nationals should be in possession of the new ‘European Driving Licence’. BUS: A wide network of routes are operated including express services. Prices are very low and buses are still the most important means of transport. TAXIS: Agree fare in advance.
Special Information
It is advisable to take a supply of medicines as they are unlikely to be available (Aspirin etc.). Visitors should take care to respect Estonians’ sense of national identity. Crime is an increasing problem for tourists in Tallinn.