Time Zone
East GMT + 10, Central + 9.5, West + 8
Telephone Services
Country Code: 61
Outgoing Code: 0011
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Emergency services = 000.
Tourist Information
Australian Tourist Commission, Gemini House, 10 – 18 Putney Hill, London, SW1S 6AA Tel: (020) 8780 2227-9 Fax: (020) 8780 1496.
Passport Information
Valid passport required by all. Return Ticket Required. Regulations may be subject to change at short notice. Contact the embassy before departure.
Visa Information
Visa required.
Health Information
Yellow Fever: A vaccination certificate will be required if travelling from an infected area.
Food & Drink
Water is considered drinkable, normal precautions should be observed with food.
Australian Dollar (A$) = 100 cents NOTE: Import or export of A$5000 must be reported to customs at entry or departure. All major credit cards and travellers cheques, in any international currency, are widely accepted.
ATM availability: Over 6 000 locations.
Cost of Living
Comparatively cheap compared to the UK and USA. Caters for all.
English and many minority languages.
Extreme varieties of climate from tropical to temperate. Nov – Mar = warm or hot everywhere. Apr – Sept occasional rain in the South which can be intense.
240/250 Volts AC 50 Hz. Unique 3 pin plugs used – adaptor required.
7 – 10 days.
FLIGHTS: Vast size of Australia makes this the most convenient form of intercity travel. ROAD: In the outback a full set of spares should be carried, with water, food and petrol. DOCUMENTATION: National licence valid for 3 months and must be carried whilst driving.
Special Information
If travelling into the interior specific precautions should be taken, for instance take adequate supplies, and leave information of your whereabouts. Special care and respect of natural habitats is recommended. Always ask permission before photographing aborigines. Tourists should exercise care in Sydney as a number of backpackers have been attacked. Be cautious when using ATMs.