Time Zone
GMT + 3
Telephone Services
Country Code: 255 Outgoing Code: International Calls must go through the operator.
Emergency Telephone Numbers
Not present.
Tourist Information
Tanzania Tourist Board, PO Box 2485, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: (51) 113 145 Fax: (51) 116 420
Passport Information
Valid passport required by all. Return Ticket Required. Requirements may change at short notice. Contact the embassy before departure.
Visa Information
Visa required by all except nationals of: Antigua & Barbuda, Belize, Brunei, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Cyprus, Grenada, Indonesia, Kenya, Kiribati, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Namibia, São Tomé, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Tonga, Uganda, Vanuatu, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and holders of Tanzania re-entry pass.
Health Information
Polio, Typhoid: Vaccination recommended
Malaria: Exists all year round throughout the country in the Falciparum variety. High resistance to chloroquine has been reported.
Yellow Fever: A vaccination certificate is required for all travellers over 1 year of age travelling from infected countries.
Other Health Risks: Bilharzia; Rabies. There is a very high prevalence of AIDS/HIV. Visitors should seek medical advice before travelling.
Food & Drink
Water is untreated and not safe to drink. Avoid dairy products as they are not pasteurised. Fruit and vegetables should be peeled before consumption.
Tanzanian Shilling (Tsc) = 100 cents Exchange: Authorised dealers or bureaux de change NOTE: The import and export of local currency is prohibited.
MasterCard and Visa have only limited acceptance. Travellers cheques can be cashed at authorised exchange bureaux, such as Forex. US dollars are the preferred currency.
ATM availability: Unavailable.
Cost of Living
Hotels and accommodation generally are expensive.
Swahili and English. Other languages are also spoken.
Tropical climate. The raining season is Mar – May along the coast. Highlands raining season is from Nov – Dec and Feb – May. Cooler season: June – May.
240 Volts AC 50 Hz. Plugs may be round or square 3 pin, fused or unfused.
5 days by airmail to Europe.
FLIGHTS: Air Tanzania runs regular flights between the main towns. RAIL: Regular trains run between the main cities. ROADS: The roads network is good, although the rainy season makes minor roads impassable. It is inadvisable to drive at night because of the wild animals. There are often petrol shortages and a lack of spare parts. BUS TRAVEL: Is often hazardous. CAR HIRE: Companies operate but are extremely expensive. DOCUMENTATION: IDP is recommended.
Special Information
HIGH RISK: in Zanzibar. Travel is usually problem free but the incidence of robberies and muggings is rising and travellers should exercise caution on beaches; public transport and in stationary vehicles in Dar es Salaam; especially after dark. Beware of bogus policemen. Bus travel can be hazardous because of frequent fatal accidents. Travellers should avoid border areas. Visitors should register with the High Commission.