5 rooftop bars you must visit in central London



Here are my picks for the top rooftop bars in central London. Enjoy.

Dalston Roof Park

The back story of this uber-trendy Dalston hangout will surprise nobody familiar with London?s most hipster suburb: The outdoor, rooftop space that is Dalston Roof Park, was a functional community allotment in a previous life! Now, the cabbage patches have been replaced with deck-chair lined lawns, the wheelbarrow has been upcycled into some Memphis-style smoker BBQ (that?s a slight embellishment), and only the coolest DJ?s in town don the decks. Oh, so trendy.


Radio Rooftop Bar

Arguably London?s most well-known roof terrace, Radio Rooftop Bar offers the best 360-degree of London?s skyline from slap bang in the middle of town. The cocktails are pricey but the bartenders are excellent and attentive. They?ll rustle you up anything you want whether it?s on the menu or not. Make sure you book ahead and try to reserve a spot on the balcony, you might get a seat if you walk-in but frankly it?s unlikely and you?re better avoiding disappointment.


OXO Restaurant, Bar and Brasserie

The OXO tower is probably the most famous London name on the list but that shouldn?t put you off even if you?re someone who likes to get off the beaten track. This is part of Harvey Nichols ? one of the city?s swankiest shopping centres and the OXO bar and restaurant is of the same ilk. The live music from Thursday to Sunday is great and a better view of St Paul?s Cathdral you will not find! Not Afternoon Tea is also great: for those who prefer cocktails and cakes instead of tea and scones.


Aqua Spirit

This is something of a hidden gem and a good one to make note of. Like most of the rooftop bars on this list, you won?t just stumble across it, so scribble it down! Situated high above Regent?s Street, the location makes it the perfect spot for a bit of retail recuperation. Despite the name, you won?t find a swimming pool but you will find?a relaxed pool of people kicking back and enjoying the sun and feeling rather smug that they’ve found this place.


Frank’s Caf?

What Frank?s lacks in panache, it makes up for in panorama! This converted car park literally offers the best panoramic view of London. Based in a disused car-park in up-and-coming Peckham, the vantage point covers from Battersea power station in the West, to Canary Wharf in the east ? it would be worth the entrance fee alone? if there was one. If the sun is out, this is a London must. There is loads, and loads, and loads of space, live music, huge bars with lots of staff and delicious nibbles.



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Let me tell you the story of a reader (let’s call her Amelia) whose email made me cry.


Amelia had dreams to travel with her family, but she saw far too many road blocks to making it a reality: school, young kids, lack of money, remote location and work and annual leave limitations. She continued reading our blog and with each new post subtly began to change her thinking.

Then the opportunity came to travel, not too far from their home, for her child’s sporting event. Instead of writing it off as too difficult, her new perspective caused her to say, “Why can’t we?” The wheels started turning and a plan fell into place.

I loved how she said,

“It’s quite amazing how this simple shift in thinking has manifested in further opportunities for travel. Within the space of two months, I’ve gone from having no travel plans to this…”

She then went on to describe the seven holidays she now has planned for herself and her family until next year!!! I’ve got tears and goosebumps again as I write that sentence.

She sent me a picture with her beautiful children and the tears welled again because I knew the bond they were about to create because of travel. And I knew how much guts it took for her to stretch out to grab that dream.

I thought of the cruise getaway she planned with her husband and the bond that would deepen between them. And I thought of the self-love and care she was giving herself. Imagine the domino effect of that on her life from now on?

So if you struggle to believe you can make it work because of the obstacles like social obligations, work commitments, school appointments, mortgages and bills to pay, think of Amelia. Remember how she made the travel flow to her with a slight perspective adjustment. And believe if she can do it you can too.

Amelia simply changed her thinking from limitation to possibility. Instead of saying “I can’t because,” she said, “what if and why not?”

Why not just see? How can we possibly make this work?

These empowering questions open up a space for flow, for creative thinking, for solutions, and for miracles.

Let’s look at what Amelia did:

  • Used an opportunity to combine her child’s sporting events with a family travel experience. There’s a greater motivating desire here. Have a family holiday while allowing your child to pursue a sporting talent and passion.
  • Camped – she was able to jag a great deal at a campsite during school holidays. It’s not impossible (and National Parks are even cheaper or sometimes free.)
  • Asking the boss for some annual leave (Mental health is important for work productivity – use that angle with your boss!)
  • Volunteering as a chaperone for a school camp – genius! Might seem like work, but not if you’re going to the snow and have never seen it. ( I saw a lot of the tourist attractions in Dublin by taking my English language students there on excursions.)
  • Using a  career conference as an experience to also travel.
  • Look for deals and specials.
  • Travelled close by
  • Using special moments like anniversaries and birthdays to have travel experiences instead of presents and parties.

Once the first trip was organised and she could clearly see it was manageable, and how easy stars can align if you take the action toward the dream, she replicated the process.


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I believe that travel is an essential part of a healthy life. Taking time out of our regular routines to explore new places helps us to see things from a different perspective, it opens our eyes to what is possible and broadens our view on life.

Travel takes us away from our everyday stresses and instils a sense of freedom which is great for our mental health.

My family and I set off on a year long trip around Australia with our Jayco camper 6 months ago and we haven’t looked back. I feel blessed to have this opportunity to explore this gorgeous country of ours and share the experience with my children!

I am also a Naturopath so my families well-being is one of my number one priorities.

Here are my top tips for keeping your family healthy while on the road.

1. Focus on getting the good food in

keeping kids healthy on the road

Food is one of the pleasures of travel. You want to be able to enjoy the local beer and wine, call into the local bakery, visit the ice cream shop and test out the grub at the local pub – guilt free!

We recently spent a few months in the Margaret River region where there is an abundance of wineries and breweries, which all seem to serve yummy gourmet pizzas or burgers.

While we were there, one of the kids favourite things to do was ride our bikes down the main street to the ice cream shop to choose which flavour they wanted to try next!

I had no problem with sampling the wine in the region, treating ourselves to a pizza or enjoying an ice cream because on the whole we have a good foundation of healthy habits and include plenty of the good stuff – real, whole foods –  in our diet every day.

Real foods or whole foods are foods that are close to their natural state with minimal processing. They are foods that are ready to eat, straight from a plant or animal.

Vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts, fish, yoghurt, meats and whole grains like spelt, brown rice and quinoa are real foods. These are the kinds of foods we should base our diets on. They are nutrient rich and fuel our bodies beautifully.

When we eat more real foods in our diet we notice our energy levels improve, it is easier to maintain a healthy weight and we glow from the inside out. Who doesn’t want that when they are travelling?

2. Stock up on local produce

Rusty's Farmers Market, Cairns, Australia

Avoid heading straight to Woolies or Coles when you arrive in a new town. Instead, seek out a local farmers market or fresh produce shop and stock up on produce local to the area you are visiting.

Becoming a locavore in the area you are travelling in helps you to fully immerse yourself in the local food culture and there are loads of health benefits from eating local produce too.

3. Eat a good breakfast

coconut and chia muesli recipe

You tend to have more time in the morning when you are travelling than when you are at home so make the most of it and fuel yourself for the day ahead.

Eating a good breakfast, rich in protein and healthy fats helps to sustain you until lunchtime and reduces cravings for rubbish later on in the day.

4. Pack your lunch and snacks

kids healthy on the travel road


Packing food for day outings and on travel days saves you heaps of money and prevents those last minute fast food or bakery stops.

I always pack fresh fruit too depending on what is in season, but it will often be strawberries, bananas, apples, stone fruit and grapes. A container of mixed raw nuts is usually included or I might be organised and have some Bliss Balls ready to go.

We might also have rice crackers, cheese, hummus, rye sandwiches, frittata, leftover chicken or meat.

We always have plenty of water with us too so we stay hydrated and avoid having to buy bottled water (not only a waste of money but also terrible for the environment).

5. Include plenty of slow time

There is always plenty to see and do when you are travelling but make sure you are getting plenty of down time too.

Holiday Travel offers us a break from our busy schedules. It is the perfect time to rest and recover from our often hectic lives. Sit in the sun and read a book, lie around and tell jokes with the kids, lay down under a tree and watch the clouds, float in the ocean, do whatever fills you up and calms you down.

Get in the habit of getting to bed early. Without the temptation of Netflix, I have been getting lots of early nights on our trip and my sleep has been more restful because I am reading before bed rather than watching a screen.

Getting plenty of good quality sleep replenishes the adrenal glands, enhancing energy levels and stress management.

6. Get moving

stay healthy while travelling with kids

There are plenty of opportunities to be active when you are travelling so make the most of them.

Have a go on the kids boogie boards, hike to a waterfall, hire a SUP or take an evening stroll with the family. Some of our best memories on our Australian road trip so far have been our active days together!

We travel with our bikes and try and walk or bike ride where ever possible. We also have surfboards, skateboards, balls, skipping ropes, yoga mats and suspension training straps so we are geared up for an active adventure.

Even on those days when one of the kids isn’t in an active mood (whining that they can’t be bothered!) we have plenty of equipment to do our own fitness, which for me is often a few yoga stretches and some deep breathing.

Keeping your family healthy while you are on the road doesn’t have to be hard work. With a little thought and organisation your whole family will be healthy and vibrant throughout your travels.


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Mallorca Family Holidays

One of the popular holiday destinations for British families, the Balearic island of Mallorca offers everything a family could want from a vacation, with traditional island nationalities vying with attractions and waterparks, sightseeing, beaches, sunlight and fun, and limitless al fresco dining.


We all have highlighted a couple of our favourite family-friendly hotels in Mallorca below:

Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Tennis Resort

A luxurious Five Star hotel with the style of prestigious country mansion, the impressive Sheraton Mallorca Arabella Golf Lodge well known as one of Spain’s finest golf destinations, with an amazing 63 holes available to golfers within the resort. With just 93 rooms, the hotel exudes charm and an air of uniqueness whilst also welcoming people with its children’s pool, kids’ club and sand playground.

Blau Porto Petro Beach Resort & Day spa

Enjoying an attractive seaside location, the luxurious Blau Porto Petro Beach Hotel & Spa enjoys a meandering setting along a snaking stretch of the Mallorcan coastline that includes two peaceful coves. Family members can enjoy a variety of facilities that include bike retain the services of, watersports, several pools jointly with a separate one pool for the children, a youngsters’ club in addition to a special kid’s lunch buffet.


Family Taking in the sights on Palma de palma de mallorca

The island of Palma de mallorca is a holiday great place, with an incredible number of visitors running each year to relish the sun, sand and ing fresco culture. Families planning to explore will however not be disappointed, with a multitude of attractions and destinations offered to enjoy:

Perhaps hire an automobile and appreciate the picturesque journey into the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana Foothills.

Families thinking about history could marvel at Palma’s stunning gothic cathedral, explore the Old Town and marketplaces of attractive Alcudia or even the Roman damages of Pollentia.

A perennial favourite, the ‘Tren de Soller’ is an unusual old narrow gauge train managing a scenic route from Palma in the sth, throughout the Sierra de Alfabia Mountains and on to S? ller on the northwest coast, with the famous ‘Orange Express’ bus connecting onwards to attractive Port de S? ller.

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Family holidays in Spain

The country is perhaps the planet’s most quintessential family-friendly holiday break destination. It offers a fantastic choice of destinations and hotels, ranging from the volcanic island of Tenerife, to the endless fantastic shores of the Costas and on to the sparkling waters of the Balearics.


Choosing a Family members Holiday

Most Spanish holiday break destinations are definitely more than taking to the needs of all travellers, aged elderly, and within most hotels you will find inviting, accommodating staff and dedicated pools, clubs, games rooms and dining menus for children. To assist you decide, we have specially labelled some of our favourite hotels that we believe give you a particularly family-friendly experience.

High-class Family Holidays in The country

Spain houses some of Europe’s finest hotels. Amidst this array of luxury hangouts are a selection of hotels that are destined to gratify the most discerning of friends with their superb amounts of service and comfort, while also ensuring that kids are also catered for in every single way imaginable.

The fairytale village-style resort of Gran Hotel Bahia Delete Duque on the Canary Island of Tenerife is well suited for a luxurious family break. It gives an award winning thalasso spa, ultra-luxurious villas and a

The Ritz-Carlton, Abama offers an amazing setting for an extravagance family holiday on Tenerife’s stunning west coast. Enjoy fine dining – including Michelin starred restaurants and relax in adult-only areas while children make new friends at the superb youngsters’ club which offers fun activities based on drinking water, land, culture and even environmental responsibility.

All Specially Family Holidays to The country of spain

Travelling all inclusive is usually a convenient and great-value approach to families. There’s no need to worry about the mounting costs of regular refreshments (sometimes even ice-cream is included) and there is no need to get worried finding suitable venues in which to dine as the sumptuous dinner buffets invariably provide adults and children with a riches of choice certain to meet your fussiest predators. The fortress-style Dream Grandmother Castillo Resort in The island boasts a 5D theatre and a Camelot inspired ‘Castleland’ with fun activities and games for childrens while adults can relax at the thalassotherapy spa.


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Top 10 Hottest Holiday Destinations


Machu Picchu has long been on everyone’s list. Next year the captivating ruins will be even more accessible when British Airways launches a direct route to the capital Lima on May 4, with three flights a week departing from Gatwick. It is home to stunning colonial architecture and pre-Inca ruins, which are often overlooked. So before you head inland, you can explore this bustling coastal city and its excellent museums, great shopping, lively nightlife and some fine seafood.




Relations between Cuba and the USA are thawing to such an extent that visitors to the Caribbean island are set to soar. So it’s worth getting out there before the place has a Disney makeover. Soak up the fading colonial beauty and enjoy an idyllic beach break. Take in the Unesco World Heritage site of Old Havana, visit Ernest Hemingway’s home and a cigar factory during the first three days of the tour in the capital. Then head off to Trinidad to soak up more of the cultural wonders before hitting the beach in Varadero.



Kotor is drop-dead gorgeous and next year’s must-visit city, according to Lonely Planet’s new book compare travel market. The coastal town, which dates back to between the 12th and 14th centuries, is in a secluded spot in the Bay of Kotor where the super yachts drop anchor in summer. See in the New Year in style at the Hotel Astoria, which was originally a Gothic Palace in the beautiful walled city of the old town. Set in the centre of Kotor and close to its historic attractions, the exquisite hotel is the perfect base to soak up the labyrinth of tiny piazzas and Juliet balconies of the medieval town.



Following the lifting of Western sanctions and the election of Aung San Suu Kyi as leader, Burma is becoming increasingly popular. Get there now for a chance to see a country where the 21st century has barely intruded – before it all changes.



The land of fire and ice has been blinking on the hip holiday radar for a few years, but trips to the island just below the Arctic Circle are set to soar. Volcanoes, glaciers and hot springs – and capital Reykjavik is a great place to party on long summer nights. Low-cost Wow Air will fly from Bristol in May.




This Latin American paradise is the hottest ticket in town. With coasts on the Pacific and the Caribbean, it is loved by surfers who ride the waves off the soft, white sands as well as trekkers through the dense rain forests. After a day or two relaxing on the beach in Playa Tamarindo, head into the jungle and go zip-lining over the treetops at the Rincon de la Vieja volcano national park. Or traverse hanging bridges at Monteverde Cloud Forest on wildlife treks.



Laid-back Kalamata, which lies in the far south of mainland Greece, is known for long beaches, olives and honey. And with the news British Airways will be launching direct flights to the ancient Peloponnese city in April, it looks set to attract a lot more Brits. The clear warm water is popular with sunbathers and swimmers, and has a raft of water sports. There is also a wide choice of bars, restaurants and shops lining the busy marina, and plenty of history for culture vultures.



Next May, British Airways will start direct flights from Heathrow to the Californian city that is tipped for big things. It’s between San Francisco and LA, making San José the ideal base from which to visit Yosemite National Park, the Napa wine region and for the famous drive along the Pacific Coast Highway.



With 270 miles of sandy beaches, all-year sun and designer malls, it’s a twist on a Caribbean holiday. Low-cost airline Norwegian  has launched the UK’s only direct flights from Gatwick to the capital San Juan, with its Unesco-protected fort and fantastic restaurants, bars, galleries and lovely beaches.


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7 Tips for Family Trip to Paris!

Here are some of my tips to a Successful family Trip to Paris…


1. Keep it Short

As adults a week in Paris can be far too short, but as a family trust me when I say that a week can be far too long! On my recent trip, three nights was just about ideal. Long enough to see the top sights and soak up some true Parisian atmosphere, but short enough to not get bogged down with exhaustion.

The Louvre Pyramid at Sunset, Paris - Fleetway Travel

The Louvre Pyramid at Sunset

2. Space Sights Out

Immediately when we think of Paris we are overloaded with the sheer volume of sights to experience and it’s easy to rush around this immense city at a rate of knots lurching from one great sight to another. However, with a little one in tow things work slightly differently. We planned one main event each day and spent the rest sauntering and taking things easy.

3. Which Sights?

There are so many things to see in Paris but for us the highlights were the Eiffel Tower (of course!), the Louvre and Notre Dame. Yes we kept our stay relatively simple, but there are so many things to entertain children by just walking around the streets: crepe stalls, buskers, boats on the river, that it was nice not to overload ourselves.

Effel Tower, Paris - Fleetway Travel

The Effel Tower at Night

4. Pre-Book Tickets

When we arrived at the Eiffel Tower on a damp coldish morning to the sight of a huge long queue, I can’t tell you how glad we were to have booked out tickets and time-slot online as the process of standing for at least an hour waiting to get a ticket might have put all of us off. Instead we headed straight to the pre-booked queue and were on our way to the top within minutes.

5. Locate Play-Parks

Just because you take your children out of their usual locality and deposit them into a big city, they are not going to miraculously forget their love for playparks. Thankfully parks are universal, free, and provide a great opportunity for both children and adults alike to brush up on some French and you’ll find many of them dotted around the streets.

Notre Dame, Paris - Fleetway Travel

Notre Dame

6. Get friendly with Staff

When we arrived at our Paris hotel our daughter immediately informed the staff that it was her Birthday and it proved to be a great move! They swooned and fussed around her for our entire stay, lavishing her with little gifts and even a tray of fancy snacks (and champagne for the adults!) brought to our room. It certainly pays to ensure your children are polite to the staff and makes for a fun stay.

7. Travel by Bus

Every kid loves a bus so forget about metro travel and buy a (very affordable) day – or few days – ticket and take any bus, any time. We found it to be an easy and fun way to get around the city and you get to see all the sights, night and day, in comfort.

Paris at night - Fleetway Travek

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Long Stay Holidays in Thailand


Whether you’re planning to escape the British winter or whether you simply fancy a longer stay in warmer climates, long-stay holidays are ideal for those seeking an escape of ten days and over.

And, with Thailand Holiday offering year-round warm weather, a great choice of accommodation to suit all budgets, decadent beaches and so much more – it’s no wonder that more people are choosing to stay longer each year

Long Stay Holidays in Thailand


Read more about Koh Samui

Koh Samui

In Koh Samui, you can soak up the island vibes in the bustling resort centres of Chaweng, Lamai and Bo Phut, or find your dream hideaway on a secluded cove and simply escape from the world. Koh Samui also offers a delightful variety to its beaches, making this an ideal destination catering for most travellers’ tastes and budgets.


Read more about Phuket


Cosmopolitan Phuket offers a variety of holiday experiences. There are the bright lights of lively Patong, but also quieter beaches ideal for families, world-class resorts and romantic hideaways. Phuket is the main getaway to beautiful Koh Phi Phi (location of the film The Beach), Phang Nga Bay (home to James Bond Island) as well as wonderful snorkelling and diving trips.


Read more about Krabi


The province of Krabi lies over 400 miles south of Bangkok (a one hour flight), on the shores of the glorious Andaman Sea. Relatively low-key compared to the likes of Phuket, Krabi’s main resort town is bustling Ao Nang, but the region also plays host to the beautiful isthmus of Railway and peaceful offshore islands including Koh Lanta. Krabi is famous for its jungle-clad limestone cliffs which are simply breathtaking.


Read more about Hua Hin and Cha Am

Hua Hin

Enjoying a stunning Gulf of Siam setting and accessible from Bangkok in under three hours’ drive, sleepy Hua Hin is the summer home to Thai royalty and features long stretches of attractive beaches, great golf courses, a fine choice of hotels and a superb night market with handicrafts galore. Kick back and relax on Hua Hin’s powder-soft sands or head to Wat Khao Lad, also known as ‘The Monkey Temple’, which is home to macaque monkeys that hang out in little troops.


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How to plan the ultimate honeymoon

After months and months of wedding planning, it is finally time to relax and rejuvenate on your honeymoon.

So how can you ensure your romantic getaway is the trip of a lifetime? We asked the experts behind Wedding Club to share their top tips on how to plan the ultimate honeymoon!

shutterstock_261887495 copy

Book early

The earlier you can book your honeymoon the better. Not only will it give you peace of mind while planning the wedding, but you have the best chances of finding an amazing holiday at an incredible price.

shutterstock_194131748 copy

Decide on the type of honeymoon you want

There’s no point in looking at beachy, romantic resorts if they’re not your thing. It’s your honeymoon, so you make the rules!

Are you an adventurous couple? Or is a getaway to a vibrant, big city more your thing? Thinking outside the normal clichés will ensure you and your partner have a honeymoon you will never forget.


Make sure everyone knows you’re honeymooners

This step is so important because your free champagne depends on it! When booking hotel and checking into your flight, make sure to mention you are on your honeymoon. There are no guarantees of course, but you might get a room or flight upgrade!

This also extends to when you’re on your honeymoon; dropping the subtle hint that you are newlyweds can sometimes produce some great (free) results.


Get the little things right

You book your wedding date and venue around the weather so why don’t you book your honeymoon around the weather too? Remember the weather where you get married may not match your honeymoon destination so make sure you’re happy with the weather at both locations.

Creating a bare bones honeymoon packing list will keep you covered for emergencies and help you sail through your honeymoon with ease. Note: Buy 100ml items whenever possible so you don’t have any issues with airport regulations.

shutterstock_203817088 copy

Paperwork is REALLY important

Most of the time a bride probably won’t have time to change her name if the honeymoon is directly after the wedding. But it is important that your current name matches the name on your passport. It is also important for any visas you may have locked in prior to your departure too.

It might also be handy to take your marriage certificate with you as well, especially if you want in on all of those honeymoon offer. Some places will only give you your free honeymoon specials when they see the real thing. So pack it tight.

Check out compare travel market website for more ideas for your perfect big day and happily ever after.


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Best rooftop bars in Hong Kong


Best rooftop bars in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an exciting metropolis that attracts millions of visitors each year due to its cosmopolitan food scene, vibrant markets and unbelievable shopping.

Want to enjoy the view from then top while visiting one of the most exciting cities in the world? Luckily, Hong Kong has a great offering of amazing rooftop bars to choose from!

Rooftop Lounge - Seafood Room1

Seafood room

Dubbed Hong Kong’s hottest new restaurant, Seafood Room offers unrivaled panoramic views of the city. Located on the top floor of the newly constructed Tower 535 in Causeway Bay and with a lavish offering of over 50 seafood dishes to feast on, this contemporary restaurant brings seafood dining to a whole new level.

OZONE - Terrace with Tapas copy


Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong’s aptly named Ozone is the highest bar in the city, and offers amazing views and a wide selection of delicious cocktails. Set on the 118th floor atop Hong Kong’s tallest building, this bar feels like an extension of the sky!

On Terrace copy

ON Dining

Located in the heart of buzzing Hong Kong’s Central district on the 29th floor of one of the smartest buildings in the area, ON DINING offers guests stunning views of Hong Kong’s skyline. There is also a dedicated cheese room (!) stocked with a large selection of delicious international cheeses and cheese bar – which makes us think this is the closest thing to heaven on earth!

Rooftop - Evening 03 copy

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse (Wan Chai)

Occupying the 31st Floor of The Hennessy, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse (Wan Chai) encompasses an exclusive 270-degree view of Happy Valley, Victoria Harbor and the Wan Chai metropolitan district.
Seasons outdoor garden terrace_1MB copy

Seasons by Olivier E

Bringing French contemporary dining to town, Seasons by Olivier E. is a Michelin-starred restaurant hosted by renowned French chef Olivier Elzer. From ingredients, style of dishes to food pairings and wine selection, everything is a love letter to one of the four seasons. The restaurant’s outdoor Garden Terrace offers an amazing view to match the menu.

FoFo by el Willy copy

FoFo by El Willy

Want to enjoy Spanish cuisine with a side of a breathtaking views?FoFo serves traditional and contemporary Spanish tapas, and with its seductive mountain views and tranquil surroundings, this restaurant promises a relaxing and pleasant gastronomic experience.

Sugar deck copy


Located on the 32/F of EAST, rooftop lounge bar Sugar provides an extensive al fresco terrace with views across the harbour. This is the place to unwind, sip on signature and classic cocktails, graze on international sharing platters and enjoy the vibes played by nightly DJs.

OvoloSouthside_ABOVE_Day_Panorama copy


Located atop the Ovolo Southside boutique hotel, ABOVE is an edgy rooftop bar offering breathtaking panoramic views across Wong Chuk Hang. Inspired by Hong Kong’s revolution from industry to artistry, the bar features exquisite modern cocktails and intimate spaces clad in edgy street artwork.