7 Tips for Family Trip to Paris!

Here are some of my tips to a Successful family Trip to Paris…


1. Keep it Short

As adults a week in Paris can be far too short, but as a family trust me when I say that a week can be far too long! On my recent trip, three nights was just about ideal. Long enough to see the top sights and soak up some true Parisian atmosphere, but short enough to not get bogged down with exhaustion.

The Louvre Pyramid at Sunset, Paris - Fleetway Travel

The Louvre Pyramid at Sunset

2. Space Sights Out

Immediately when we think of Paris we are overloaded with the sheer volume of sights to experience and it’s easy to rush around this immense city at a rate of knots lurching from one great sight to another. However, with a little one in tow things work slightly differently. We planned one main event each day and spent the rest sauntering and taking things easy.

3. Which Sights?

There are so many things to see in Paris but for us the highlights were the Eiffel Tower (of course!), the Louvre and Notre Dame. Yes we kept our stay relatively simple, but there are so many things to entertain children by just walking around the streets: crepe stalls, buskers, boats on the river, that it was nice not to overload ourselves.

Effel Tower, Paris - Fleetway Travel

The Effel Tower at Night

4. Pre-Book Tickets

When we arrived at the Eiffel Tower on a damp coldish morning to the sight of a huge long queue, I can’t tell you how glad we were to have booked out tickets and time-slot online as the process of standing for at least an hour waiting to get a ticket might have put all of us off. Instead we headed straight to the pre-booked queue and were on our way to the top within minutes.

5. Locate Play-Parks

Just because you take your children out of their usual locality and deposit them into a big city, they are not going to miraculously forget their love for playparks. Thankfully parks are universal, free, and provide a great opportunity for both children and adults alike to brush up on some French and you’ll find many of them dotted around the streets.

Notre Dame, Paris - Fleetway Travel

Notre Dame

6. Get friendly with Staff

When we arrived at our Paris hotel our daughter immediately informed the staff that it was her Birthday and it proved to be a great move! They swooned and fussed around her for our entire stay, lavishing her with little gifts and even a tray of fancy snacks (and champagne for the adults!) brought to our room. It certainly pays to ensure your children are polite to the staff and makes for a fun stay.

7. Travel by Bus

Every kid loves a bus so forget about metro travel and buy a (very affordable) day – or few days – ticket and take any bus, any time. We found it to be an easy and fun way to get around the city and you get to see all the sights, night and day, in comfort.

Paris at night - Fleetway Travek

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Long Stay Holidays in Thailand


Whether you’re planning to escape the British winter or whether you simply fancy a longer stay in warmer climates, long-stay holidays are ideal for those seeking an escape of ten days and over.

And, with Thailand Holiday offering year-round warm weather, a great choice of accommodation to suit all budgets, decadent beaches and so much more – it’s no wonder that more people are choosing to stay longer each year

Long Stay Holidays in Thailand


Read more about Koh Samui

Koh Samui

In Koh Samui, you can soak up the island vibes in the bustling resort centres of Chaweng, Lamai and Bo Phut, or find your dream hideaway on a secluded cove and simply escape from the world. Koh Samui also offers a delightful variety to its beaches, making this an ideal destination catering for most travellers’ tastes and budgets.


Read more about Phuket


Cosmopolitan Phuket offers a variety of holiday experiences. There are the bright lights of lively Patong, but also quieter beaches ideal for families, world-class resorts and romantic hideaways. Phuket is the main getaway to beautiful Koh Phi Phi (location of the film The Beach), Phang Nga Bay (home to James Bond Island) as well as wonderful snorkelling and diving trips.


Read more about Krabi


The province of Krabi lies over 400 miles south of Bangkok (a one hour flight), on the shores of the glorious Andaman Sea. Relatively low-key compared to the likes of Phuket, Krabi’s main resort town is bustling Ao Nang, but the region also plays host to the beautiful isthmus of Railway and peaceful offshore islands including Koh Lanta. Krabi is famous for its jungle-clad limestone cliffs which are simply breathtaking.


Read more about Hua Hin and Cha Am

Hua Hin

Enjoying a stunning Gulf of Siam setting and accessible from Bangkok in under three hours’ drive, sleepy Hua Hin is the summer home to Thai royalty and features long stretches of attractive beaches, great golf courses, a fine choice of hotels and a superb night market with handicrafts galore. Kick back and relax on Hua Hin’s powder-soft sands or head to Wat Khao Lad, also known as ‘The Monkey Temple’, which is home to macaque monkeys that hang out in little troops.


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How to plan the ultimate honeymoon

After months and months of wedding planning, it is finally time to relax and rejuvenate on your honeymoon.

So how can you ensure your romantic getaway is the trip of a lifetime? We asked the experts behind Wedding Club to share their top tips on how to plan the ultimate honeymoon!

shutterstock_261887495 copy

Book early

The earlier you can book your honeymoon the better. Not only will it give you peace of mind while planning the wedding, but you have the best chances of finding an amazing holiday at an incredible price.

shutterstock_194131748 copy

Decide on the type of honeymoon you want

There’s no point in looking at beachy, romantic resorts if they’re not your thing. It’s your honeymoon, so you make the rules!

Are you an adventurous couple? Or is a getaway to a vibrant, big city more your thing? Thinking outside the normal clichés will ensure you and your partner have a honeymoon you will never forget.


Make sure everyone knows you’re honeymooners

This step is so important because your free champagne depends on it! When booking hotel and checking into your flight, make sure to mention you are on your honeymoon. There are no guarantees of course, but you might get a room or flight upgrade!

This also extends to when you’re on your honeymoon; dropping the subtle hint that you are newlyweds can sometimes produce some great (free) results.


Get the little things right

You book your wedding date and venue around the weather so why don’t you book your honeymoon around the weather too? Remember the weather where you get married may not match your honeymoon destination so make sure you’re happy with the weather at both locations.

Creating a bare bones honeymoon packing list will keep you covered for emergencies and help you sail through your honeymoon with ease. Note: Buy 100ml items whenever possible so you don’t have any issues with airport regulations.

shutterstock_203817088 copy

Paperwork is REALLY important

Most of the time a bride probably won’t have time to change her name if the honeymoon is directly after the wedding. But it is important that your current name matches the name on your passport. It is also important for any visas you may have locked in prior to your departure too.

It might also be handy to take your marriage certificate with you as well, especially if you want in on all of those honeymoon offer. Some places will only give you your free honeymoon specials when they see the real thing. So pack it tight.

Check out compare travel market website for more ideas for your perfect big day and happily ever after.


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Best rooftop bars in Hong Kong


Best rooftop bars in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an exciting metropolis that attracts millions of visitors each year due to its cosmopolitan food scene, vibrant markets and unbelievable shopping.

Want to enjoy the view from then top while visiting one of the most exciting cities in the world? Luckily, Hong Kong has a great offering of amazing rooftop bars to choose from!

Rooftop Lounge - Seafood Room1

Seafood room

Dubbed Hong Kong’s hottest new restaurant, Seafood Room offers unrivaled panoramic views of the city. Located on the top floor of the newly constructed Tower 535 in Causeway Bay and with a lavish offering of over 50 seafood dishes to feast on, this contemporary restaurant brings seafood dining to a whole new level.

OZONE - Terrace with Tapas copy


Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong’s aptly named Ozone is the highest bar in the city, and offers amazing views and a wide selection of delicious cocktails. Set on the 118th floor atop Hong Kong’s tallest building, this bar feels like an extension of the sky!

On Terrace copy

ON Dining

Located in the heart of buzzing Hong Kong’s Central district on the 29th floor of one of the smartest buildings in the area, ON DINING offers guests stunning views of Hong Kong’s skyline. There is also a dedicated cheese room (!) stocked with a large selection of delicious international cheeses and cheese bar – which makes us think this is the closest thing to heaven on earth!

Rooftop - Evening 03 copy

Wooloomooloo Steakhouse (Wan Chai)

Occupying the 31st Floor of The Hennessy, Wooloomooloo Steakhouse (Wan Chai) encompasses an exclusive 270-degree view of Happy Valley, Victoria Harbor and the Wan Chai metropolitan district.
Seasons outdoor garden terrace_1MB copy

Seasons by Olivier E

Bringing French contemporary dining to town, Seasons by Olivier E. is a Michelin-starred restaurant hosted by renowned French chef Olivier Elzer. From ingredients, style of dishes to food pairings and wine selection, everything is a love letter to one of the four seasons. The restaurant’s outdoor Garden Terrace offers an amazing view to match the menu.

FoFo by el Willy copy

FoFo by El Willy

Want to enjoy Spanish cuisine with a side of a breathtaking views?FoFo serves traditional and contemporary Spanish tapas, and with its seductive mountain views and tranquil surroundings, this restaurant promises a relaxing and pleasant gastronomic experience.

Sugar deck copy


Located on the 32/F of EAST, rooftop lounge bar Sugar provides an extensive al fresco terrace with views across the harbour. This is the place to unwind, sip on signature and classic cocktails, graze on international sharing platters and enjoy the vibes played by nightly DJs.

OvoloSouthside_ABOVE_Day_Panorama copy


Located atop the Ovolo Southside boutique hotel, ABOVE is an edgy rooftop bar offering breathtaking panoramic views across Wong Chuk Hang. Inspired by Hong Kong’s revolution from industry to artistry, the bar features exquisite modern cocktails and intimate spaces clad in edgy street artwork.



I’m due to fly to Sharm – what are my rights?

Sharm el-Sheik: FAQ’s for holidaymakers

As UK flights to and from Sharm el-Sheik are grounded over security fears, we disclose what to do if your vacation is influenced.

Sharm el Sheikh airport

Sharm el Sheikh airport

I’m in Sharm el-Sheik – what would it be a good idea for me to do?

Until a security evaluation is finished, all UK flights to and from Sharm El Sheik have been grounded.

Those on package holidays ought to be cared for by their tour operator, which is lawfully obliged to get them home. Until a flight is accessible, clients will as a rule be permitted to stay in their unique hotel, or will be moved to one of a comparative standard on a half-load up or exhaustive premise.


Flights to Sharm el Sheikh

Flights to Sharm el Sheikh

Shouldn’t something be said about free travellers? 

EU regulations make it clear that, when a flight with an EU carrier – or from an EU airplane terminal – is canceled, an aircraft is at risk to pay for the expense of a hotel and subsistence for each one of those stranded thus, until a substitution flight is given. Should your aircraft encourage you to purchase your own sustenance and convenience, keep all receipts, and keep such expenses to a sensible least, before making a case when you return to Britain.

For non-EU carriers, the Civil Aviation Authority says: “Some may give refreshments and convenience to travelers while they sit tight for their delayed flight. A few aircrafts won’t. On the off chance that they don’t, you can attempt to guarantee for repayment of your costs because of the delay. You have the privilege to guarantee for this under the Montreal Convention. Know that you may battle to be repaid for something besides suppers or overnight hotel convenience, so spend wisely. Keep receipts.”
I’m due to fly to Sharm – what are my rights?

Those because of travel on a package break will be qualified for a full discount – or a substitution occasion – if their outing is cancelled. Abta, the travel affiliation, said: “Those with holidays booked inside of the following 48 hours to Sharm el Sheik are encouraged to contact their travel organization to talk about their alternatives. On the off chance that you are not traveling inside of the following 48 hours you should check with your travel organization in the matter of what your alternatives are and take after their recommendation.

“Those individuals with bookings past this are encouraged to hold up until closer to the flight date to contact their travel organization as the circumstance is looked into.”

Autonomous travellers are qualified for a discount from their carrier, under EU regulations, if their flight is cancelled. In the event that you have booked convenience freely, notwithstanding, (ie not as a major aspect of a package occasion) your agreement is with the hotel or estate and you are in charge of any cancelation. In the event that you can’t arrive, you can attempt your best to induce them to give you a discount or to rebook for a later date – yet they are not obliged to do this and you may lose cash.
Will I get compensation for any delay? 
No. EU regulations mean travelers are qualified for money pay when their flight is delayed for three hours or all the more, however not if the delay is past an aircraft’s control.
Am I secured by my travel protection?

Your strategy may pay out a little sum for long delays (ordinarily more than 12 hours), however not typically enough to pay for more than a feast or two. A couple of strategies have spread for a “considerable misfortune, for example, a hotel booking made freely. Check your the terms and states of your a


Why should I visit Kalkan?

Kalkan Turkey

Kalkan Turkey

Set against the breathtaking background of the Taurus Mountains in antiquated Lycia, lies the pleasant harbor town of Kalkan in Turkey.

Glad for its saved legacy at the heart of this noteworthy coastline, and calm with its tenderly cosmopolitan feeling, this region respects the thankful voyager with occasions that offer the best of both universes: genuineness and relic, wedded with decision and solace – in addition to the immortal excellence of Lycia’s pine-clad shores.

Kalkan Turkey

Kalkan Turkey

A short walk around the boutique lodgings in Kalkan is Old Kalkan’s slender, cobbled lanes: whitewashed Ottoman houses settle up against artisan workshops and çay houses, where one can bargain for products and taste dark tea in the antiquated’s shadow wooden overhangs.

Kalkan Hotels

Kalkan Hotels

Appreciate the Best of the Lycian Coast

Harbourside, as the water crafts return and the night attracts, settle in a lokanta with a glass of rak? and find some of Turkey’s finest credible cuisine. On the other hand, by candlelight, appreciate the commanding perspectives from one of the red-tiled housetop eateries, encompassed by the fragrance of jasmine and thyme.

Kalkan Sunset

Kalkan Sunset

There is enough opportunities for the out door activities: a wealth of noteworthy locales or the photo postcard shorelines of Patara and Kaputa?. On the other hand maybe Kekova island, with its puzzling sunken ruins, perfectly clear through waters revived from the mountains past – all easily came to and delighted in a day from villas in.


Solferias Aparthotel

Solferias Hotel

Solferias Hotel

Offering access to an open air swimming pool and a tennis court, Solferias Hotel is situated in Carvoeiro, 1 km from the shoreline. The unit is 10 km from Portimão and 18 km from Rocha Beach.

Solferias Hotel

Solferias Hotel

The air-conditioned condo at Solferias Hotel include a TV and an overhang. There is a full kitchenette with an Fridge. Including a shower, the private lavatory likewise accompanies a hairdryer and a bidet.

Visitors may cook their own dinners in the kitchenette, getting a charge out of them in the eating territory. On the other hand, nearby eateries are accessible inside of 1 km.

Solferias Hotel

Solferias Hotel

At Solferias Hotel, visitor appreciate access to a few offices, for example, a 24-hour front work area, a greenhouse and a bar. There is likewise a mutual parlor and a recreations room.

Rocha Beach is a well known vacationer destination and a standout amongst the most prestigious shorelines in Algarve. The close-by Portimão focus highlights a marina, a theater and a gallery. Faro International Airport is 62 km from the propert

Solferias Hotel bed room

Solferias Hotel bed room

The Solferias is a small hotel complex situated in the picturesque area of Carvoeiro, Algarve. It consists of studios and apartments designed to offer guests comfort and services. The hotel amenities include swimming pools for adults and children, a poolside bar, a café, a tennis court, internet services, a games room and a children’s playground, among others. It is an ideal choice for families and couples seeking for a relaxing and joyful holiday. The hotel is located 1, 5 km from the town centre and approximately 57 km from the Faro airport.

-Free wi-fi in all hotel.
-Web – point-internet reception only (extra charge)


    • Bar(s)
    • Swimming Pool for Children
    • 24hrs Reception
    • Pool Bar
    • Tennis Court(s)
    • Games Room
    • Internet Services
    • Currency Exchange Service
    • Swimming Pool Outdoor – Fresh Water
    • Car Rental
    • Pool Table
    • Reading Room
    • Taxi Service
    • TV Lounge
    • Cafe(s)
    • Bicycle Rental
    • Children’s Playground
    • Wi Fi Internet Connection (Free of Charge)



Alba Hotel

Alba Hotel General Description

The Hotel Alba is located in a delightful area of Monte Gordo, Portugals most southern province. Elegant and modern, this property features 103 apartments over 5 floors, all centred around vast matured gardens and a sparkling swimming pool. The Strip, Albufeiras busiest entertainment centre, is nearby and offers a vast amount of shops, street cafes, bars, restaurants, night clubs, all the while granting a feeling of calm seclusion. Visitors to this relaxing leisure destination will find their tension and worries melting away while enjoying all that this coastal paradise has to offer.

Buliding Description

The facilities at the self-catering Hotel Alba offer everything you need for a relaxing holiday.

Room Descriptions

The Hotel Alba features 49 studios and 54 apartments situated over 5 floors. Each apartment has a kitchenette, Satellite TV, a safe and a balcony.


Cheerfulway Vila Alba

Cheerfulway Vila Alba General Description

The Cheerfulway Vila Alba is located in the popular Montechoro tourist area just outside the centre of Albufeira about 1km from Forte de S Joao and Oura Beach on the Algarve. This is a great 3 Star hotel for couples and families comfortable apartments surrounded by lovely gardens and overlooking a sparking swimming pool. Guests to the Cheerfulway Vila Alba can discover marvellous beaches, explore the delightful little villages with narrow cobbled streets, traditional cottages and a famous selection of restaurants, or try golfing skills at the challenging Salgados Golf Course nearby. For an affordable holiday in the Algarve, this hotel makes the grade!

Buliding Description

Dining: Cheerfulway Vila Alba is booked as Self-Catering accommodation. Guests can prepare their own meals or discover the local taverns located in the town centre. Drinks and refreshments can be enjoyed in-house from the on-site pool bar. A range of bars and clubs are found on Albufeira’s Strip, less than 3 km away. Be sure to try your luck at the Vilamoura Casino!

Room Descriptions

Cheerfulway Vila Alba features self-contained accommodation in modern one and two-bedroom apartments with large, furnished balconies. Airy and bright, each unit at Villa Alba resort is equipped with cooking facilities and a lounge with dining area. Amenities include Satellite TV channels, direct dial telephone, safe (with charge), a washing machine and en suite bathrooms with tub. One-bedroom units can accommodate up to 4 guests and two-bedroom units can take up to 6 people.


Cheerfulway Bertolina Mansion

Cheerfulway Bertolina Mansion No Hotel Content Avaliable.